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Owner Operators

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Owner Operator Trucking: Packages & Services That Can Benefit Every Owner Operator



Are you in need of owner-operator trucking packages and services? If so, you’re in the right spot. Trucking Authority Packages is the #1 resource for owner-operators across the USA. Our experts assist each owner in taking his or her trucking career to the next level. We also specialize in helping newcomers secure official owner-operator status.

Our custom trucking packages can fit the needs of every owner-operator. We ensure that each customer or owner stays in compliance with the FMCSA and DOT. The trucking experts in our organization can file all documents on behalf of an owner. This way, you can start making more money ASAP.



What Is Owner-Operator Trucking?



Each owner operator trucking process begins with an independent business owner. He or she decides to team up with a trucking company owner. Next, back-office support takes place. Owner operators then have an important decision to make. They can either lease a truck or serve as its owner.

Say that an owner operator leases a truck. This means that the individual functions as a “lease purchase” owner operator. But say that an owner operator directs other drivers that work under that individual. In this case, the owner operator functions as a freight agent owner.



Our Owner Operator Trucking Experts Specialize in Reducing Business & Company Risks



Owner operators are always responsible for using their own equipment for any job. Sure, this is a business risk of every owner that is part of the job. But there are tons of positives for working as an owner operator. An owner gets to work on a 100 percent independent basis. This can lead to receiving a lot of pay every month. Do you want to be your own boss as a business owner? Then you might love working as an owner operator.

One of the key missions of our firm is to reduce the business risks for each owner operator. We do so by providing custom services and packages for every owner. Our experts tailor a package and service for every client. This way, owners operators only pay for what they need. This process begins whenever an owner gives us a call. Within minutes, we assess business needs and come up with lasting solutions.



Do Owner Operator Trucking Professionals Have Employee Status at Their Jobs?



Owner operator trucking professionals do not get official consideration as employees. Almost all owner operators work as 1099 independent contractors. When an owner op isn’t an employee, taxes do not get taken out on an automatic basis. That’s why we recommend that all owner operators save part of their earnings for tax time.

Some owner operators do not save-up their money. As a result, an owner can then get in huge trouble with the IRS. A key mission of our firm is to help owner operators prepare to file taxes. Please call us today if you’d like to learn more about our patented financial solutions. We have special processes that can take your business results to the next level. The last thing we want is for any business owner to lose money.



What Does an Owner Operator Truck Driver Have To Pay For?



Almost all owner-operator trucking professionals can run their own businesses. This way, they can earn more income based on hauled freight. But here is the downside. Owner-operators have a lot of expenses to cover. It is easy to plan for some of these expenses. But other owner expenses can come out of nowhere and cause a lot of stress.


Let’s go over the main expenses that owner-operator truckers have to cover:

1. The costs for truck maintenance.

2. Truck breakdowns.

3. Health insurance.

4. Liability insurance.

5. Other unexpected owner related business expenses.


Our firm specializes in helping every owner maintain financial health. Do not despair if you feel like you’re losing out on money and need to boost your pay. All it takes is one phone call to our trucking professionals. They can then provide expert-level advice about how to increase pay. This way, you could earn (or save) hundreds and hundreds of dollars per month. And what owner wouldn’t like that?



We Help Can Help Every Truck Driver Become an Owner Operator Trucking Professional



Are you considering starting an owner-operator trucking business? If so, Trucking Authority Packages is here to help. Our team members have decades of trucking industry experience. They have helped countless individuals get their trucking companies off the ground.

Trucking is a first-rate career path for becoming your own business owner. But it’s much easier to become an owner when you know what to expect. And our experts are standing by to guide you through any process for newcomers. Staying organized is key to working as an owner-operator. And our firm can get you organized ASAP. From filing DOT and FMCSA documents to creating a custom plan on your behalf. We never rest until each owner is thriving in the trucking industry.



Our Custom Owner Operator Trucking Packages



We provide custom owner-operator trucking packages for customers all across the USA. Our mission is to keep your mind on the road instead of buried in compliance issues. That’s why we employ dozens of compliance specialists. They know all FMCSA/DOT rules, regulations, and licensing requirements. We understand that it’s overwhelming to deal with so many rules while securing loads. So, go ahead and leave the owner-related paperwork to us. Each custom package gets designed for the specific customer and no one else.

All you need to do is tell us your owner-operator trucking situation. We’ll then create a trucking owner package that can help you succeed. The packages provide top-rated owner, operator, and driver services. Both new operators and seasoned professionals use our packages. Say that you are a new operator. We’ll create a custom trucking package that can feature the following:


1. An MC Number/Motor Carrier Number Application.

2. A USDOT Number application.

3. Templates for compliance processes like Driver Qualification Files.

4. Anything else that will help your trucking business succeed.



More About Our Custom Owner Operator Trucking Packages & Services



Our team goes the extra mile to add tons of value to every custom owner operator trucking package. (And we apply value to all the owner operator trucking services that we provide.) Here are some more factors that we can include in your custom owner operator package:


1. Owner management of Driver Qualification Files.

2. HUT state owner filings and help with quarterly fuel taxes.

3. Enrollment in our very own Drug Consortium.

4. IRP (International Registration Plan) renewals.

5. IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) renewals.

6. UCR (Unified Carrier Registration) renewals.

7. Reports on mileage for every business owner.

8. Help dealing with the 2290 Heavy Highway Use Tax.

9. Templates for Accident Register and Vehicle Maintenance.


Are you interested in any of these owner services? If so, please call our organization at any time. One of our trucking experts will assist you ASAP.



How Much Do Owner Operator Truckers Make?



Owner operator trucking professionals can earn quite a bit of cash every year. Here is an example. As of February 2021, the average per-year pay of California owner-operators was $184,851. That comes out to earning $15,404 every month. But keep in mind that your pay can vary. It depends on many factors like location, routes, etc.



How Do Independent Truckers Get Paid?


Quite a few independent owner trucking professionals sign with a carrier. This way, they can get paid doing consistent work. There are two standard owner-operator income segments.

1. The percent of load that an owner pays.

2. The mileage costs that an owner pays.


About half of independent owner truckers get paid by percentage. The other half of owner truck drivers get paid by the mile. Do you want to learn more about the pay for an owner? If so, please contact us at any time.



Can You Be an Owner Operator With No Experience?



Having a truck does not mean that you’re now an owner operator trucking professional. You still must get a DOT Number, Class A CDL, and other official designations. (Our team can help you secure these fast.) Owner operators also need to have a least two years of experience with OTR trucking. Otherwise, they cannot function at the professional level.


How Do Owner Operators Get Loads?


Say an owner-operator professional doesn’t want to lease with a trucking company. Without a lease, he or she can use a freight broker to locate loads. Freight brokers do tons of leg work for most owner-operators. The brokers connect the owner-operators to shippers. They also figure out each loads’ locations and rates. Please contact us today if you need access to our load boards. We can provide you access to premium networks of both load and freight brokers.



Our Company Is Here To Ensure That All Owner Operators Succeed



Our company works to ensure the success of every owner in the trucking business. The packages we provide have a reputation for boosting revenue. But do not expect that boost to take a long time. We use a field of patented processes to help owner after owner succeed in trucking. Through registration, you’ll discover new benefits and opportunities. After all, what owner doesn’t want to receive opportunities for new jobs? Speaking of jobs, our own job is to deliver every document on time. Time is a crucial factor for the owner of any company. One late submission to the FMCSA could result in fines and penalties. Our mission is to prevent every owner operator truck driver from experiencing them.

A business owner in trucking has to deal with all sorts of obstacles. From securing equipment to taking care of pay for every company driver. Well, we’re here to take care of all your required documents. This way, you’ll have time left in your day for other business tasks. As an owner, you have your job and we have ours. Your job is to ensure your workers deal with hauling equipment. Our job is to make every company in the trucking industry succeed. (No matter the regional location.) Our name speaks for itself: Trucking Authority Packages. Do you want a package that can give you authority ASAP? If so, we’re the type of company every owner needs. You can take care of driver jobs. Our experts will work on everything else.


We Help Trucking Business Owners Succeed


Are you a business owner in the trucking industry? If so, our organization is here to help boost your profits. We’ve done so for owner after owner in the trucking and driving industry. How so? By creating custom trucking packages and training programs. In a short amount of time, our packages and programs can get first-rate results. We tailor them to help increase the pay that a business owner can make. Even if your company uses outdated equipment, we have solutions. Trucking Authority Packages div is the home of every trucking business owner.

We know that driving jobs to deliver goods should net every owner a great pay. That’s why our company can create custom owner centered packages. One type that works for a business owner might not work for another owner. All it takes is one phone call to our company. We’ll assess your unique driving and equipment needs as a business owner. Then, we’ll create any type of custom package that an owner could need. And we’ll do so in a short amount of time. Helping out owner after owner isn’t our job. It’s our passion.


Interested In Our Owner Operator Trucking Packages & Services? Contact Us Now


Our company is ready to help any owner-operator trucking professional succeed. From newcomers to seasoned vets. All it takes is one phone call and we will get you on the track toward financial success. Our packages and services have no limitations. That’s why we get consideration every year as the #1 trucking industry organization. We look forward to helping you take your trucking business to the next level.