DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing

DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing

DOT-Compliant Drug and Alcohol Testing Services

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Is your company in need of DOT drug and alcohol testing program services and custom packages? If so, you’re in the right spot. Trucking Authority Packages provides testing packages for thousands of trucking companies. All our packages focus on giving management solutions to businesses. This way, our customers can follow all DOT and FMCSA regulations when operating an MC number. No matter your drug and alcohol testing needs, we’re ready to provide the ideal solution. Please call us at any time and our experts will assist you.



Our Drug and Alcohol Testing Qualification Package


Every custom package that we provide can address your drug and alcohol testing needs. So, what is one of our most popular packages? It is the Drug and Alcohol Testing Qualification Package. This package serves as the #1 all-inclusive drug and alcohol training course in the nation. Trucking industry professionals depend on it for more than gaining testing certification. The package also provides educational resources. This way, companies can operate in complete compliance with DOT and FMCSA policies.

Some customers choose to buy this drug and alcohol qualification package as a whole. Others choose to buy only certain elements of the package. This way, we can create custom trucking packages for every client. Here are some of the resources that we can include in your unique qualification package.

  1.  A DOT urine specimen collector course.
  2.  A DOT-compliant breath alcohol technician training course.
  3.  BAT/STT alcohol testing course.
  4.  An EBT device training course.
  5.  A hair specimen collection course.
  6.  Oral/saliva specimen collector course.

Our drug and alcohol testing courses and packages never expire. This means that you can complete them at any time.



We Serve as a Trusted Drug and Alcohol Testing Training Partner


When it comes to drug and alcohol testing, Trucking Authority Packages is number one. We’ve ensured that thousands of companies have the right methods/processes in place. This way, they do not have to worry about receiving DOT and FMCSA fines and penalties. Our drug and alcohol training courses have received national recognition for years. That’s because companies love that they can customize our courses and packages. 

Our DOT and FMCSA experts believe in one key concept. It is that no trucking company should have to pay for something that it doesn’t need. That’s why we let our customers modify our packages as they please. Plus, our experts have worked in the transportation industry for decades. They stay up-to-date on all DOT drug and alcohol testing policies. Through our knowledge and experience, every company has a great chance to succeed. We’ll give you the skills and training to excel at all drug and alcohol testing processes.



What Is DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing?


The US government regulates drug and alcohol testing for transportation companies. The Department of Transportation (DOT) has strict policies when it comes to testing. These policies have been in place since 1991. That was when Congress passed the Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act. It put in a place a series of rules and regulations that affect the transportation industry. Many of those DOT-regulated rules and regulations have changed since 1991. In fact, many continue to change every year. That’s where our organization steps in. We help companies stay on top of all drug and alcohol testing procedures. This way, they can avoid receiving fines and penalties from the government.



Does a DOT Drug Test Include Alcohol?


No, DOT drug testing only uses urine specimens. DOT-compliant alcohol testing involves analyzing a driver’s breath. (Or, the driver’s saliva.) This policy refers to all initial screening tests. It also refers to all DOT breath-for-confirmation tests. Specimens get analyzed using an approved alcohol testing device. Please let our organization know if your company needs any devices. We can supply them as part of one of our custom trucking packages.



What Drugs Are Tested for in a DOT Drug Test?


DOT drug testing involves advanced laboratory testing measures. Testers in a lab will look for the following five classes of drugs.

  1.  Marijuana.
  2.  Cocaine.
  3.  Opiates or codeine/opium derivatives.
  4.  Methamphetamines and amphetamines.
  5.  Phencyclidine (PCP).



Do You Lose Your CDL if You Fail a Drug Test?


A driver that fails a DOT drug or alcohol test will not lose his or her driver’s license. But that driver will face suspensions. Plus, the driver’s company could face separate fines and suspensions.



What Happens if You Fail the Drug and Alcohol Test?


Say that a driver fails the DOT’s drug and alcohol testing process. He or she will no longer have the authority to perform any safety-sensitive duties. But that is not permanent. Most drivers have the option of completing the return-to-duty process. Through this process, a driver will get evaluated by a DOT-certified SAP. SAP refers to a  substance abuse professional.



We Can Provide DOT Reasonable Suspicion Drug and Alcohol Training Packages


The DOT has a series of very clear rules about drug and alcohol testing. One of the most important rules involves Reasonable Suspicion Training. This policy helps supervisors know what to look for if an employee abuses drugs/alcohol. But that’s not the only purpose of this important policy. It also focuses on ensuring that supervisors can take specific actions. Otherwise, an employee under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs could cause a lot of harm.

Reasonable Suspicion Training packages help supervisors know what to do in all situations. The training helps companies adhere to all DOT and FMCSA regulations. But that’s not its main benefit. The ultimate benefit of the package is that it could help save people’s lives. Protecting everyone’s safety is a top priority here at Trucking Authority Packages. Our experts can make sure that you and your team stay protected at all times.



More About Our Drug and Alcohol Testing Qualification Packages


Our drug and alcohol testing qualification packages contain everything that a company needs. We provide online reading material that matters. It features DOT rules and procedures that will keep your company compliant. The packages also include drug and alcohol testing checklists. They are crucial for ensuring that you do not forget to take certain testing steps. We can even include mock collection procedures in our custom packages. They help companies do real-world training before conducting actual testing. All our packages can get customized in any manner that you would like. This way, you can receive the exact drug and alcohol testing solutions that you need.



We Also Provide Other DOT Compliance Drug and Alcohol Testing Packages


Trucking industry employers/owner-operators must have DOT drug and alcohol testing programs. There are no exceptions. Through our organization, you can order complete DOT-compliant testing packages. You’re also welcome to order individual drug tests. Many of our customers also buy owner-operator consortium programs. Or, random drug and alcohol testing programs. We place any service you need into one of our trucking packages. From new entrant exam resources to compliance/safety review tools. Whether you need to have a successful audit or go through a DOT testing review, we’ve got you covered.



Contact Us To Learn More About Our Drug and Alcohol Testing Packages


Do you want to learn more about our custom drug and alcohol testing packages? If so, please give us a call right now. One of our DOT compliance experts will assess your company’s needs within minutes. We can then provide you the exact services that you want in a custom qualification package. This way, you won’t have to waste money on unneeded resources or tools. Our mission is for every customer to maintain 100 percent compliance with the FMCSA. And our drug and alcohol testing packages can help you do so right now.