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Are you and your employees tired of having to sign and process bill of lading after bill of lading? If so, you’re in the right place. Trucking Authority Packages provides a full-scale bill of lading services. Our team can take care of your bill of lading needs on a separate basis. Or, we can include a bill of lading services in one of our custom trucking packages. This way, you and your employees can get all your trucking industry goals knocked out in one place.



Get on the Road to Success With Our Bill of Lading Services & Packages


As you may already know, a bill of lading (BOL/BL) is crucial for the transportation industry’s success. It is a legal form used to take care of shipping freight, goods, or cargo. Each bill of lading serves as a mutually agreed-upon document. That agreement concerns the shipper of goods or cargo and the carrier.

Every BOL outlines important details about a shipment. The details can include the number of goods getting shipped and product classifications. The bill of lading also specifies the destination of every shipment of cargo or goods.


Trucking Authority Packages can provide you with any bill of lading service. From signing documents to automated software that can help your company succeed. All you need to do is call our organization and tell us what your carrier envisions. We can then make that vision a reality through our custom bill of lading packages. Our team won’t rest until your company has a better mechanism for processing all your BOL’s. 



All Bills of Lading Have Three Purposes


Bill of lading forms gets used across many sectors of the transportation industry. Every BOL has three main purposes:


1. Bills of lading function as a title document for cargo and goods. You can use them to establish the ownership of cargo and goods. This applies to any shipment in the transportation process. Remember that the ownership of goods and cargo transfers fast. It goes from the seller to buyers right as loaded freight or goods leave the origin. 

2. The bill of lading serves as a receipt for cargo and goods. Once a shipment is complete, a consignee signs the BOL. This means that the document from the shipper now has receipt-status. 

3. Bills of lading are contracts between each shipper and carrier. The bill of lading functions as a shipment’s terms and conditions. Shippers and carriers agree to terms when they sign each bill of lading.


Due to these three purposes, it is crucial that your company must process a bill of lading in a legal manner. You should make sure that 100 percent compliant methods get used. Otherwise, a goods carrier risks getting fined or penalized by the US government. Not to mention, your customers could sue you if your bill of lading processes aren’t accurate. You won’t have to worry about these outcomes with Trucking Authority Packages at your side. Our team can put the right BOL processes in place for a carrier within one business day.



When Do Companies Have To Use a Bill of Lading?


Bills of Lading get used whenever a carrier conducts freight transportation services. This is according to Title 49 U.S. Code 14706. Many companies think that BOLs are only for goods shipped using a truck. But that is not the case when it comes to a shipper sending cargo or goods.

A bill of lading getting used applies to every mode of carrier transportation. That’s because the bill of lading contains crucial information about the shipper. The information about goods and cargo concerns all parties involved with a shipment.

If a carrier does not use a bill of lading, it is almost impossible to prove liability for goods and cargo. Sure, this applies to cases of damage or loss with the cargo and goods. But it also applies to many situations that shipping companies must go through. A Bill of Lading makes it clear when goods switch hands from a shipper.

Simple shipper receipts do not contain enough information. If you want the terms of your shipment to seem clear, then you need bills of lading. And our organization can start supplying you with BOL tools and resources right now.



Our Team Can Issue Each Bill of Lading on Your Behalf


Freight carriers have the responsibility of issuing each bill of lading. This must take place before a carrier can ship goods or cargo. Well, at least, every shipper used to before our organization existed. Trucking Authority Packages provides bills of lading for countless US carrier companies. We make sure each shipper provides the right freight, cargo, and goods information. This way, each BOL that we produce strives for 110 percent accuracy.

Through decades of transportation industry work, our team knows how carriers operate. They must have a clear and accurate bill of lading whenever a problem takes place. Otherwise, a company could get fined and penalized even if it didn’t do anything wrong. Our team helps carriers, brokers, and freight forwarders process all types of BOLs. We adjust our operations based on the specific needs of every cargo or goods shipper.

One cargo or goods shipper might prefer buying full-scale bill of lading packages. Others could only need certain bill of lading services performed. Either way, Trucking Authority Packages is here to help each carrier succeed.



Here Is How We Can Fill Out Your Bills of Lading


Are you sick of filling out bill of lading after bill of lading? Well, there is an easy solution. Trucking Authority Packages can process each BOL on your behalf. Keep in mind that needed information can vary on each bill of lading. Here are the standard details that our experts can fill out for you:


1. The full address of the receiver and the shipper with the bill of lading.

2. The scheduled pickup date of the goods, freight, or cargo.

3. The scheduled delivery date of the goods, freight or cargo.

4. A brief description of the goods, freight, or cargo getting shipped. (This refers to the number of goods, freight items, and containers. It also features descriptions, weights, NMFC/freight class, and the temperature for refrigeration.)

5. Special cargo shipping instructions like inside delivery and lift-gate service.

6. If it applies- hazardous material classifications.

7. Terms and instructions for payment once goods, freight, or cargo arrive.


Please contact us if you or your team experiences difficulty filling out bills of lading. One of our transportation industry experts can assist you over the phone at any time. We can even do so at a negotiable and fair rate. Our mission is for every transportation company to have the right processes in order. Doing so can lead to long term financial success while addressing all requirements.



When It Comes to the Bill of Lading, We Handle All Types



Did you know that there are two basic types of a standard bill of lading? There is the straight bill of lading. That is for goods, freight, or cargo getting consigned to a designated party. Then there is the order bill. This is where goods get consigned to the order of any named party. A straight bill is negotiable and order bills never are. No matter what type of bills your company uses, our experts are ready to assist. We have processed thousands of bills for carriers in every US state.



The Consequences of Using An Inaccurate Bill of Lading



There are many consequences for filing inaccurate bills of lading. Of course, a desired recipient might not receive the goods that you transport. But there are other negative consequences that can ruin the reputation of businesses. For one, consignees can claim damages if a description of goods isn’t correct. You will then have to deal with all sorts of claims issues. Even failing to mark the correct number of goods can lead to severe claims consequences.


Here are four other negative consequences for using an inaccurate bill of lading:

1. The loss of the right to limit liability.

2. The loss of P&I coverage.

3. Losing the right of indemnity on behalf of the charterer.

4. Criminal prosecution.


How can you ensure that your company stays compliant/avoids these potential outcomes? By using the services of Trucking Authority Packages. We can file accurate bills of lading on your behalf. This will save you a lot of time to focus on other business tasks.



We Can Create Bills of Lading for All Responsible Parties



Our organization prides itself on creating bills of lading. We do so for all types of responsible freight and cargo shipper parties. You ship it and we’ll write it. It’s that simple. And this policy applies to every type of document. (Whether electronic or physical). Our mission is to help all shipping companies succeed.

Other firms will only assist if a shipper can ship certain goods. But our experts will create your bill of lading no matter the goods or cargo. We’ve helped company after company across the US. Each once will export distinct goods and freight. We can even assist many sea and maritime shipping companies. If you’re interested, please call us and ask about our sea and maritime shipping policies. Know that we’ll go the extra mile to help any company ship goods and freight.


When you order with us, you can ask for more than a bill of lading. We can supply any freight shipping document that you need. We know all FMCSA and DOT requirements. In fact, our experts even know sea and maritime carrier shipping policies. We also use the best document delivery system in the country. That system benefits carrier after carrier on a consistent basis. No matter the type of shipping, from sea or maritime to ground, we’ve got you covered.


We take the finance situation of every freight carrier or shipper into account. Why? So we can supply the best cost for every order and delivery. Every new user of our document delivery service loves the prices of order after order. Sure, this applies to a freight and shipping document like the bill of lading.

But it also applies to every other document that focuses on cargo and goods. We know how difficult it is for every carrier to keep up with shipping and delivery issues. That’s why our bill of lading services remain flexible. Contact us now to ask about our negotiable shipping and order pricing.



Our Website Is the Trucking Industry’s Go-To Bill of Lading Resource



Our website is #1 in the US when it comes to bill of lading resources. Why? Well, it has nothing to do with our policy about cookies! Instead, every carrier appreciates how easy it is to submit a document. (And the convenience of viewing a document at any time.) You would not believe how complicated other bill of lading websites are. It’s like the companies don’t even want a shipping carrier to succeed. But we do.

The Trucking Authority experts know how crucial every government document is. Not submitting a document can result in a carrier receiving fines and penalties. That can lead to not having the ability of shipping freight and goods. And without shipping goods, how can a shipper make money? The solution is to let our experts file every freight document on your behalf. Whether it’s the bill of lading or any other document involving shipping and trade.

We welcome every shipper or carrier to browse the document services on our website. Our experts know that our resources will meet your trade or shipping needs. Plus, you can contact us before you place an order. This way, you can learn more about our patented document delivery process. We know that the work of a freight shipper never stops. So, neither do our own bill of lading document shipping services. When it comes to the success of shipping goods, your trade is our trade. And we won’t rest until all issues at your carrier get resolved.



We’ll Help You Out No Matter What Type of Cargo You Transport



Our team is ready to submit your bill of lading, no matter the goods or freight that you transport. Whether on land or sea, our mission is to help every shipper and carrier succeed. When you place an order with us, we’ll ensure your delivery takes place ASAP. Like a shipper sends out a container through overnight delivery.

We’ll send every shipper or cargo-related document fast. This way, your freight or carrier company won’t have to worry about delays. The FMCSA could stop you from shipping goods without a recent bill of lading. Our goal is to prevent that from ever happening to any freight shipper or carrier. We’ve even helped US Marine goods organizations with the bill of lading.

You can call us right now if you have questions about how to order your bill of lading. Or, you might want to find out how we take care of delivery for other key cargo documents. No matter what you export or ship, we’re going to get your issues taken care of. In a sea of mediocre organizations, Trucking Authority Packages is a breath of fresh air. We’ve almost gotten used to receiving constant praise from freight shippers.

Carrier after carrier loves that we do more than the basic requirements. We go the extra mile to help every carrier continue shipping cargo, freight, and goods.



Contact Us Today To Learn More About Our Bill of Lading Services & Packages


Do you want to learn more information about how our organization can take care of your bill of lading needs? If so, all you need to do is pick up the phone and call our experts at any time. We can assess your business situation and give you a variety of problem solving options. Whether using a service or one of our custom packages, we intend to take care of your BOL needs. Our team looks forward to helping you take your business to the next level.